A community that is Christ-centred, Kingdom-focused and People-connected 

Our Cause

Like Jesus, we extend our hands and hearts to all people seeking God (Matt.11.28).
Like Jesus, we minister healing and restoration to the whole person - spirit, soul and body (Jn.5.7).
Like Jesus, we are kingdom-builders (Mk.1.15).
Like Jesus, we seek to restore and repair broken lives (Isa.61.4).
Like Jesus, we get people into heaven and we get heaven into people! (Jn.3.16; 10.10)

The 6 Practices

The six core practices of CiTiGATE Church (B.E.C.T.A.r) with the aim of encountering God in a real and tangible way:
1 Belonging = the experience of caring and nurturing in a safe community.
2 Empowerment = the experience of contributing in serving God and others in a serving community.  
3 Celebration = the experience of celebrating life and worshipping God in a satisfying community.
4 Transformation = the experience of growing and seeing personal changes in a stable community.
5 Adventure = the experience of impacting lives in a significant community.  
6 Reality = the experience of encountering God in a supernatural community.

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