Pastors & Staff

Ps Michael Sim

Senior Pastor

Ps Michael Sim started full time Christian ministry in 1989. Michael was an ordained minister of the AOG in Australia (1989-2006) and is now affiliated with the Churches of Christ (in Victoria and Tasmania). Michael has extensive experience in pastoring, church-planting, training and Bible College lecturing. He was formerly the Principal of Southern Cross Bible College (Melbourne, Victoria) and has taught in several colleges. 

Ps Phill and Kelly Boaretto

Associate Pastor

Ps Phill and Kelly Boaretto joined CiTiGATE Church in 2020 when he and the family returned back to Australia. Previously, they spent 10 years as missions pastor in Japan where they planted a church in Tokyo.

Edwin, Angeline, Henry, William


Our elders serve in various capacity in the church as well as the church board members. They have been member of the church right from first day when the church was founded. Note: Elder Andrew has since resigned from church elder when he migrated to NZ.

Angeline Chia

Sunday School Coordinator

Angeline is our Young Adult Teenage Group teacher as well as our Church treasurer.

Jennica Low

Volunteer Coordinator

Jennica Low is our volunteer coordinator and serving in the music ministry as pianist.